Congress on hijab and modesty held in Tehran

July 12, 2016 - 9:48

TEHRAN – A congress on hijab and modesty was held here on Monday with the participation of Basij forces and some other organizations.

The congress was convened on July 11 which is designated National Day of Hijab and Modesty.

July 11 marks the day when some people were martyred while protesting Reza Shah Pahlavi who forced women to remove their hijab in Goharshad Aqa Mosque in Mashhad. The incident happened on July 11, 1935.

Minoo Aslani, head of Women’s Basij Organization, told the congress that hijab, as the dress code of modesty, extend to the culture of Iranian people.

Dress code is an important issue which has been greatly emphasized in Islam, IRNA quoted her as saying.

However, today hijab has unfortunately lost its color in the society and this is something unusual in the history of the country, she noted.

The religious and revolutionary people of Iran view hijab as one of their cultural identities, Aslani said, adding the Iranian nation, since the beginning of history, have always been pious and observed a kind of modest dress code.

The wearing of hijab by Iranian women has caused many women all around the world to have a tendency toward hijab, however the enemies are trying to make the Iranian youths indifferent toward the issue.