Italian maestro Giuranna impressed by President Rouhani’s remarks on unity 

December 6, 2017

TEHRAN – Italian maestro Damiano Giuranna who is the conductor of the World Youth Orchestra said that he was impressed by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s recent remarks on the need for unity among Muslims in the world.

Giuranna made the comment in a meeting with the musicians of the Tehran Symphony Orchestra in Tehran, Iran’s Rudaki Foundation announced on Wednesday. 

In his speech at the opening ceremony of the 31st International Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran on Tuesday, Rouhani stressed the need for unity among Muslims in the world.

Giuranna said that the need for unity is not only vital for Muslims but also for all people of the world.

He added that people from all walks of life in the world should do their best to promote unity and solidarity.

Giuranna is in Tehran to supervise the second leg of a joint concert by the musicians of the Tehran Symphony Orchestra and the World Youth Orchestra from Italy, which is scheduled to be performed at Vahdat Hall this evening.

The first part of the performance was held at the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome on December 3.

The Tehran Symphony Orchestra and the  World Youth Orchestra gave joint performances in Tehran in August, 2016.

Maestro Giuranna also held a series of master classes at the Culture and Art Applied Science University in Tehran in February, 2017.

The collaborations are based on an agreement made by the Sapienza University of Rome, the Tehran University of Art and the Rudaku Foundation.

Photo: Italian maestro Damiano Giuranna conducts a rehearsal by the World Youth Orchestra and the Tehran Symphony Orchestra at Tehran’s Vahdat Hall on December 5, 2017. (Mehr/Iman Hamikhah)