By Mohammad Ghaderi

Saudi's Defeat in Yemen

February 27, 2018 - 10:17

TEHRAN - About three years has passed since Saudis and their allies started war and bloodshed in Yemen. Today, after this long time, Yemen has become the symbol of Saudi Arabia's defeat in West Asia. However, according to Colin Powell, the former U.S. Secretary of State, Saudi regime was supposed to seize Yemen in14 days and destroy the country's revolution. But now, Riyadh is facing the increasing costs of its failure in various Yemeni cities.

 Most regional analysts and experts agree that Riyadh and its allies are the losers of the Yemen war, and this is what scares "Mohammed bin Salman", the crown prince of Saudi regime and other agents of the Yemen war most. Saudi regime leads the military alliance against Yemen, consisting of nine Arab countries.

Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Senegal and Sudan also belong to this military alliance. However, today, the cost of Saudis' defeat in Yemen has involved other members of the coalition too. Undoubtedly, these countries have to be held responsible for their crimes against the Yemeni people, and they must be condemned to pay the heavy costs of this failure in the future.

In any case, it has been three years now that the defenseless people of Yemen are living under the aggression of al Saud and its allies. These three years of Saudi aggression led to Riyadh's heavy defeat, the death of a large number of aggressive forces and, most importantly, the survival of the Yemeni revolution. Sanaa and Aden and Ma'rib have become the symbols of the defeat of Al-Saud in Yemen.

 Saudi regime has even lost the power to regulate its relations with its allies in Yemen. The controversy that has formed between Riyadh and the United Arab Emirates in Yemen can be analyzed in the same vein. These conflicts are the result of the erosion of the Yemeni war and the joint defeat of Saudi regime and the United Arab Emirates.

Another point to consider is that Saudi regime, even using al Qaeda's aid, has failed to defeat the revolution of the Yemeni people and to destroy this massive popular movement. The death of hundreds of Saudi and Emirati military forces in this war marks the rise of the Yemeni nation's stronghold against Al-Saud and its aggressive allies. It is a nation that has been able to humiliate Al-Saud and exacerbate existing gaps between the Saudis.

 Now the situation of Saudi regime and its ally countries is so disordered that even the Western rivals of Riyadh can no longer close their eyes to the heavy defeat of Saudis in Yemen. They can no longer justify this great frustration. Here is another point that requires attention:

Despite the extensive support of the United States, and in particular Trump's government of Saudi regime, this country has failed in Yemen. During the last year, Trump sold a massive amount of weapons to Saudi regime to make money for the U.S. Treasury, and to achieve one of its regional goals (the destruction of the Yemeni revolution).

 However, the U.S. President's aids to the Saudi leadership couldn't rescue the Saudi family in Yemen war. At present, Saudi regime has no choice but to declare its failures in Yemen. An issue that is still hard to understand for Riyadh and its supporters. However, it is clear to everyone that, the later the official announcement of this defeat, the higher the cost of Saudis' defeat in Yemen.

UN failure in the bloody test of Yemen

The next important issue that needs to be taken into consideration in the Yemeni war, is the failure of the United Nations, and especially the Security Council, in the face of this bloody war. The killing of the Yemeni people, especially women and children, the spread of cholera among a large number of Yemeni children and the blockade of Yemen's food was among hundreds of right violations that the UN not only closed its eyes on, but also left the Saudi regime open-handed in continuing this trend.
 The United Nations doesn't play an effective role in the developments happening in Yemen, but rather attempts to defeat the Yemeni revolution. The strong attachment of both former and current Secretary-Generals of the United Nations (Ban Ki-moon and Guterres) to Washington and Tel Aviv has strengthened this trend. During Ban Ki-moon time, we even witnessed the withdrawal of Saudi Arabia's name from the list of war criminals: A truly flagrant action that put the UN's role in dealing with humanitarian crises under question.

The crimes of Western countries in Yemen

As noted above, the United States and two of the permanent members of the Security Council (along with Germany), have played a major role in supporting the assassination, violence, and the killing of children in Yemen. Undoubtedly, the role of European countries can't be ignored in this equation. One of the main reasons that Washington, Paris, London and Berlin are calling for the continuation of the Yemeni war and massacre of the people of this country, is their arms exports to Saudi regime.
 Obviously, in the wake of the crisis, Western arms exports to Riyadh will increase, and this will make huge money for these countries! The publication of a recent shocking report about the amount of German weapons sold to Saudi regime and its allies has contributed to the dark background of the European authorities.
During the last year, countries participating in the Yemeni war, received weapons worth more than a billion Euros from Germany. According to the German Ministry of Economy, the report has been published as a response to the parliamentary request by the Green Party. Accordingly, in December 2017, the German government approved an estimated 1.3 billion Euros worth of arms exports to the Yemeni War Alliance.
Ultimately, the "Yemeni war" has revealed the joint defeat of Saudi regime, the coalition members, and their Western and Zionist supporters. Obviously, in the near future, we will witness the expulsion of countless crimes of Saudis and their supporters in Yemen. Although Saudi regime, and in particular the king and the crown prince of this country are considered the main agents of the Yemeni war, the direct and indirect role of the supporters who Ignored Saudis' children massacre in Yemen can't be in no way ignored.