By Martin Love

Amid chaos, patience is the prime virtue...

April 15, 2018 - 9:31

NORTH CAROLINA - Even if you have the best possible sources to try to figure out what’s happening and where it is going in the U.S., it’s virtually impossible to know exactly given the daily frantic, frenetic shifts of alleged action and policy.

Front and enter, of course, is the Trump administration’s attack on Syria with Britain and France. All this fomented by an alleged chemical weapons incident in Douma that quite possibly did not even occur, and if it did, the so-called “rebels” likely did it. There still is not a single coherent voice I can see within the administration, and they are all apparently squabbling with each other as they move the Doomsday Clock ever closer, and closer than it has ever been, to midnight.

    As a young teenager I lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis. My family lived 100 miles from Havana at the time in Florida, and it created a panic in my family such that my mother packed us up and moved 800 miles away. But at least then JFK was in the White House, the Neocons as Zionists did not exist, and much wiser heads ran the government in Washington and persuaded Krushchev to pull Soviet missiles out of Cuba. But the current situation in the U.S. is far more problematic now, and while there are a few sane voices in Washington, they are not being heard. Why?

 Because in the U.S. there exists a huge industry that seems to desire a war with Syria, Iran and even, possibly Russia and China. And this thing called the Military Industrial Complex by Dwight Eisenhower in 1961, which then was miniscule in comparison to what it is now, that thrives on money and war related businesses and now has a wide political aspect that includes a majority of those in Congress who receive campaign funding that allows many to stay in office without challenge. Also, there exists hundreds of so-called “think tanks” whose primary interest is promoting war, and they are cheer led by a complicit mainstream media that any real, serious journalist would reject ever working for. Self interest and not national interests prevails with all of them.

Trump may have better instincts, but every time they emerge, like his recent claim of wanting the pull the U.S. out of Syria, pressure from the Zionists and the corrupted Congress forces him to back away. Does he not know that he would be a hero to the entire world if for once and finally he said NO to these blood besotted elites both foreign and domestic? What about a heroic legacy, rather than one of abject cowardice and selfishness? Does Trump not know that the vast majority of people in the West and East do not want another war in the Mideast, especially now that the current seven year long Syrian war has been winding down? But then the refusal to listen makes sense, too, since the U.S. is in fact no longer a real democracy, and neither is Britain. As the great diplomat Henry Cabot Lodge said decades ago: Nothing is so dangerous as a fully armed country that is also bankrupt. And I would add, not just monetarily with fiat green paper printed in the trillions, but moral bankruptcy, too.
    Meanwhile, Iran is experiencing a currency crisis with devaluation, especially to the U.S. dollar. The country runs a trade surplus, but no matter. Getting dollars for goods sold back to Iran has been a problem, allegedly, as overseas banks are loathe to cooperate with or operate in Iran, no doubt under malign U.S. influence. But here’s the positive in this misery: the dollar will in time be shunned and lose its status as world reserve currency. Those countries give away real goods and services for pieces of green paper backed by absolutely nothing but military power is a recipe for eventual failure, and with that the demise of U.S. capacity to humble and hobble other nations. The March launch of the Petroyuan oil futures contract by China is one step towards the castration of the Petrodollar, and actions by the U.S. and other Western countries to hurt Iranian commerce as well as Russia’s in particular is only going to hasten the move away from the dollar, which really is the lynchpin of U.S. economic power overseas. We may view the ramped up U.S. hostility to both Russia and China and Iran this year to the nascent establishment of means to bypass the buck in international trade. Patience and fortitude by countries such as Iran is what’s required as the U.S. “empire” slowly slips towards irrelevance. And one more thing aside from patience: a bit more social liberalism for Iranians in general because that helps ease people through hard times.

    Actually, if any Iranian really wants to sock away REAL money, exchange Iranian currency for gold and silver. I can promise that with patience investors will be rewarded handsomely.