UEC ready to provide flexible financing schemes for Iran

May 8, 2018 - 21:30

TEHRAN - United Engine Corporation (UEC) is ready to provide “flexible financing schemes” for the sale of its products to Iran, UEC deputy marketing chief Sergei Eremenko tells the Tehran Times.

UEC is an integrated Russian company providing solutions in development, serial production and service of gas turbine engines for customers engaged in oil & gas, power generation as well as marine and railways.

Following is the text of the interview:

Q: For almost ten years your company has been participating at the Iran oil exhibitions. What have been the benefits?

A: Participation in the Iran oil shows has enabled us to establish contacts with a number of Iranian companies. We negotiate for supply of our products and localizing their manufacturing.

Q: What are the newest innovations by companies such as UEC that the local energy industry can expect to see at the Iran Oil Show 2018?

A: We provide advanced technologies in gas turbine engines for gas transmission and power generation. Products’ features are showcased in the primary invoice.

Q: Generally, how have the UEC gas turbine engines been welcomed at the oil and gas industry, specifically in the Iranian market?

A: Currently, we are discussing with our Iranian partners the prospects of supplying our products to Iran, as well as their localization. This would be a great achievement for UEC. At the same time, we understand the economic challenges Iranian companies face and we are ready to provide flexible financing schemes for supplies. We see that Iran is highly interested in modern Russian gas turbine engines.

Q: With the current geopolitical climate likely to impact access to finance for the energy industry, what are some of the financing options available for customers in Iran?
A: Russian Export Center offers very profitable financing schemes, including plant leasing. UEC has already developed such types of schemes.