Plan for cooperation with expat experts underway

May 26, 2018 - 11:40

TEHRAN – Iran's National Elites Foundation and Science and Technology Vice Presidency plan to expand cooperation with expat experts.

Pardis Technology Park ranks first amongst 67 Iranian academic places, which planned to attract the Iranian elite abroad in the past Iranian calendar year of 1396 (March 2017-March 2018).

A total of 15 Iranian expat experts are working at the Pardis technology Park are working in the center, Science and Technology Vice Presidency public relation announced on Tuesday.

With the support of Iran's National Elites Foundation and Science and Technology Vice Presidency, a total of 67 universities, knowledge enterprise, technology parks and incubators performed ‘Cooperation with Iranian expat entrepreneurs and elite’ plan.

The plan aims to attract Iranian abroad to share knowledge, experience and technology ideas in the form of postdoctoral research, research opportunity, visiting fellow, working in knowledge enterprises, business startups and holding workshops at the center.

According to Pardis Technology Park (PTP) website, it is under the auspices of science and technology vice presidency and a fourteen-entity Board of Trustees comprising of corporate and real bodies from ministries, science centers and academies, headed by the First Vice President.

PTP pursues aims to commercialize the research results and to establish sustainable ties between universities and industry. It is located in a 60 hectares area, in three phases, (expandable to 1000 hectares) at 20 km distance to the northeast vicinity of Tehran.