By Hanif Ghaffari

Be careful Mr. Macron!

June 13, 2018 - 10:54

TEHRAN - Emmanuel Macron, the weak and incapable president of France, continues to play his direct role to the benefits of the United States and the Zionist Regime. During his recent press conference with Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister the Quds occupying regime, Macron expressed his concerns over Iran's regional activities.

He then pointed to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and said:

"My colleagues in Europe and I think that there is a need to preserve the nuclear agreement, but we are concerned about Iran's activities in the Middle East… the nuclear deal is no longer sufficient safeguard against Iran… We want to bring stability to the Middle East, and the nuclear agreement is part of that, but it should be extended by an additional 10 years, and we should consider Iran's aggression in the region and its ballistic missile program,"

The decoding of the French President's remarks is far easier than it is imagined! The passivity of French politicians before the Zionist regime and the United States, has crippled the Elysees palace for years. Everybody remembers that last summer, Emmanuel Macron and Benjamin Netanyahu met on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly. At that meeting, Macron pledged Netanyahu to keep Paris pressure on Tehran to limit our country's missile and regional capabilities.
 The French President also promised Trump and Netanyahu to set the "change of the JCPOA" as his main headline, and forget about "maintaining the nuclear deal" or "restraining the US" in this regard. Indeed, Macron gave in to the plans and tricks designed by Washington and Tel Aviv, but that was not all. He also played the role of a "coordinator" between Washington and the European Union. The final result of this game was quite clear.

 "Trump's withdrawal of the JCPOA" and "reduced international credibility of Europe" were the diplomatic and political paybacks of French officials. However, it seems that the humiliated president of France didn't exactly understand this. There are some points here that need to be taken into consideration:

First, the main mission of the French President is "limiting Iran's missile and regional power". It may come to the mind that, following the withdrawal of Trump from the nuclear deal with Iran, Europe's goals toward Iran have been changed, or redefined! Undoubtedly, this is going to be a "strategic mistake"; a mistake that, unfortunately, was made by our country's foreign diplomacy and foreign policy system. The European troika instructions for military and regional repression of our country remain intact. In recent weeks, there has been intensive talks between US and European officials on "confronting existing circumstances."

 Macron and Merkel's insistence on "expanding negotiations with Iran" is the result of these hidden talks. Europe has pledged to the United States to keep on its attempts to "change the JCPOA" and "expand it in the form of a new agreement". Meanwhile, the apparent emphasis of the European authorities on "preserving the JCPOA" is a "tactical coverage" for managing public opinion. American and European officials have long agreed on "changing the JCPOA".

The second point is about the special approach taken by the French authorities. "Robert Del Picchia", a member of the Senate of France and member of the Union for a Popular Movement Party stated accordingly:

"The president's intention is that France may withdraw from the current agreement with Iran, but only in order to launch negotiations on a new, more complete document."

This is the first time that the French authorities formally and explicitly spoke of the possibility of walking out of the nuclear deal. Even after Trump's withdrawal from then JCPOA, the French officials continue to complete the White House arranged puzzles. Macron's goal of this game is obvious: putting sanctions on Iran and limiting our country's defensive power"!

On the one hand, the French President and his other European partners intend to bind the hands of a "powerful Iran" in the region and in the area of defense and missile capabilities, and on the other hand, they continue to impose economic pressure on our people. As the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution has recently pointed out, this bad dream will never come true.

The third and final point is that the diplomatic and foreign affairs apparatus of our country is confronted with France "special game" on the JCPOA. It should be noted that the Iranian government's forbearance and our foreign ministry's toleration has only led the dual and dangerous game of Paris, and added to the enmity of people like Macron and Le Drian. It's now time for our foreign ministry officials to uncover the hidden role of France in the "breach of the JCPOA" and in "Trump's withdrawal from the nuclear deal". It is also time to get our people informed about the details of French behavior and their tricks over the past year, especially over recent weeks. Revealing the true face of those like Macron and uncovering their tricks will tie the hands of the Elysees Palace authorities for further hostility to the Iranian nation. It should also be noted that in this equation, France is in no way considered to be "Iran's political partner", but rather a "full blamed accuser" that should be hold responsible for its direct play on the US ground and the Zionist regime.

Finally, "Macron's concerns" about our new nuclear actions is something that we should be proud of. Such concerns will not be the least important for the Iranian nation. For now, it is the first practical response of Iran to the hidden or obvious tricks of Europeans (especially the French). Obviously, if France wishes to change this equation, it will have to change its "fundamental approach" towards Iran and separate its policies on the JCPOA from that of the White House and Tel Aviv. Realizing this decision calls for a determined will. However, the French President doesn't seem to be that determined at this moment to make such a great decision…