Workshop on branding

July 2, 2018 - 11:7

TEHRAN – The city of Tabriz will host the Exir startup weekend on the theme of tourism, evand website reported.

TEHRAN – The media school in Tehran plans to hold a one-day workshop on branding on Friday, zeitoonacademy reported
Entitled ‘Winning Brand’, the workshop is to focus on popularity of social networks, branding tools and values.
During the event, mentor Mohammad Hossein Darbandi will explain about the ways for creating a favorite brand.

  • Venue: No.16, Separ Alley, off Africa Blvd.
  • Date: July 6

Startup weekend on tourism

Tabriz was selected as the capital of Islamic tourism in 2018 by the Inter-governmental Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Organized by the academic center for education, culture and research of Tabriz, the event will be held on the theme of historical and cultural tourism, ecotourism, health tourism and souvenir, aiming to acquaint participants with entrepreneurship in tourism and formation of startup teams to turn ideas into business.

  • Venue: University of Tabriz, off 29 Bahman Blvd. 
  • Date: July 4-6

startup event on cultural products

TEHRAN -- The Seraj Cyberspace Organization in Tehran plans to hold a three-day startup event at the Resaneh Cultural Center, evand website reported. 

Entitled “Othello Challenge”, the event plans to develop market for startups active in the field of animation, documentary, software, website, video game, and motion graphic and online journalism.
Workshops on the theme of business model canvas, teaming, Problem-Solution Fit and minimum viable product will be also held on the sidelines of the event.

  • Venue: Qaba Sq., Nateq-e Nuri Ave, off Gol-Nabi St, Pasdaran Street
  • Date: July 4-6