By Hanif Ghaffari

Trump failed in Swedish elections!

September 15, 2018 - 10:50

TEHRAN - Undoubtedly, one of the losers of the recent Swedish election was Donald Trump, President of the United States. Although there is now a tough competition between the two traditional coalitions in Stockholm for the formation of a (coalition or minimalist) government, it should not ignore the most important message of the recent national election in Sweden!

Swedish Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna) won about 18 percent of the vote in this election. The growth of Swedish extreme verdict has worried Swedish supporters of Sweden's social and welfare stability, but Democrat's votes are not enough to be present in the Swedish political equation!

Swedish Democrats intended to become most important political party in the recent election, gaining 25 to 30 percent of the vote, but failed to achieve this goal. Donald Trump is also a follower of the Democrats of Sweden. Trump believed that the SD Party's becoming the most popular party in the country could undermine the foundations of Swedish multicultural society. In this case, one of the main symbols of "multicultural societies" was damaged in Europe. That was precisely what the Trump wanted from the beginning of 2017.

Some time ago (in 2017), Trump referred to a terrorist act in Sweden which basically had not happened! In other words, he resorted to a sort of political and media chantage as far as Sweden’s security situation was concerned. Some analysts believe Trump made the media gaffe unintentionally. But his repeated attempts later on to create the impression that Sweden was gripped by insecurity showed what he had done was a calculated move.

By making those comments, Trump undoubtedly sought to trigger security crises in Sweden. Not only does Trump not welcome multicultural societies in Europe, but he is trying to eliminate this multicultural structure. Trump believes in order to counter immigrants and Muslims, multicultural societies should be targeted.

Sweden is one of the clear examples of a multicultural society in Europe. During the course of the immigration crisis which began in 2015, Sweden played a key role in admitting immigrants. That was not favored by Trump, who basically wants anti-immigration and nationalist groups in Europe to have a free hand. Trump and his associates have arrived at the conclusion that the most effective method to counter this trend is to indirectly support efforts aimed at creating security crises in Sweden. The emergence of security crises in Sweden will reinforce the country’s ultra-right camp and Democratic Party. That is why Trump welcomes terrorist moves in Sweden!

One of Trump’s aspirations is to see security crises flare up in Sweden, so that the country will no longer be regarded as a nation which is against his anti-immigration policies. Another objective of Trump is to strengthen ultra-right groups in Sweden, which could be analyzed within the context of Trump’s backing for national currents in Europe as a whole.

Finally, Trump is not satisfied with the outcome of the Swedish general election. In other words, Trump's hopes for the absolute victory of the far right (SD) in Sweden's general election have been lost.