Flood haunting northern Iran brings $166m of loss

October 10, 2018 - 7:27

TEHRAN – Flash floods hitting Mazandaran province, northern Iran, have caused an estimated 7 trillion rials (about $166 million) worth of damages, destroying infrastructures, residential units, roads and huge tracts of farmlands, the province’s governor has said.

Heavy rain has led to severe flood in Mazandaran province since last week, which have claimed 5 lives.

The largest damage caused by flooding has been inflicted to infrastructure facilities amounting to 5 trillion rials (nearly $120 million), IRNA quoted Mohammad Eslami as saying on Tuesday.

Due to the incident, some 2,650 houses have been devastated partially, of which some 82 houses have been totally destroyed, he regretted.

He also expressed hope that with the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers, budgets will be provided within next week to compensate for the damages, especially repairing infrastructure and public utilities.

As per the reports by Iran’s meteorological organization the precipitation sin the province have been unprecedented for the past 17 years as it rained 280 millimeters in Ramsar in less than 24 hours.