Precipitation reaches record high in Tehran

November 13, 2018 - 21:57

TEHRAN — Raining set a record high in Tehran on Monday, constituting 10 percent of the annual precipitation in the city, Tasnim news agency reported.

With 20 millimeters of rain on Monday, Tehran surpassed the northern rainy city of Rasht in precipitation amount. 

On Monday, cities of Bandar Anzali, Hamedan, Tehran, and Rasht by receiving 37, 20.3, 20 and 17.7 millimeters of rain were among the regions with the highest amount of precipitation.

In its latest report, Iran’s Meteorological Organization (IMO) has forecast that precipitations will meet normal levels in the second half of the current Iranian calendar year, corresponding to autumn and winter.

The report explains that precipitation amounts will exceed normal levels in the first month of autumn, particularly in western and northwestern areas. Over the second month of autumn, precipitation will remain at normal levels except for some areas in southwestern Iran where precipitation will be below the normal level. 

Precipitations will also remain at normal levels in last month of autumn. Over the first month of winter precipitation levels will plummet in western areas and in the one but last month of winter, precipitations will reach normal levels again, the report stated.

However, the report warned that, despite the projected rise in precipitation amount, the country is still facing water shortage and sustainable use of groundwater resources is a must

Eminent meteorologist professor Hossein Ardakani told Fars news agency that precipitation will be higher than normal in autumn and winter this year, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that drought spells are over.