Girls deprived of education at border areas to be identified

December 3, 2018

TEHRAN – The presidential office for women’s and family affairs with the cooperation of the Ministry of Education is to identify girls deprived from education in border areas, said Masoumeh Ebtekar, the vice president for women’s and family affairs, here on Wednesday.

Since many immigrant children are living in the border areas and many of them are deprived from education, the social emergency centers with the cooperation of the Ministry of Education and Training are trying to identify and train them life skills, Ebtekar elaborated.

Children are not able to defend themselves and cannot express their problems, Mehr quoted Ebtekar speaking at the regional children's rights conference held with the motto of Justice for Children and Young People.

Therefore, we should listen to children's voice and look at the problems from their viewpoint, she added.

Children deserve to access to education and health services, calm environment far from violence, and enjoy healthy food, water and environment, the VP noted.