Muslims must be aware of divisive sources

December 4, 2018

Divisive sources in the Muslim community, unfortunately, have the media in hand. For instance, Fadak Satellite Channel, which is a private Shia Muslim TV in the UK, was launched with the purpose to create division among Shia and Sunni brothers. Fadak is funded by the British government. What is even more shocking is that broadcast media such as Al Wesal TV, and Kalemeh TV that are both Sunni based, or Fadak Satellite Channel and Ahl-e-Bait TV that are Shia based, both receive funds from the same source to create division among Ummah. Interestingly, Shias and Sunnis have 89 percent commonality in their secondary principles and 91 percent commonality in their main principles, so with more awareness, the enemy won’t be able to sow discord among Muslims.