Sadabad hosting “Iran’s Lady” show

December 8, 2018 - 22:29

TEHRAN – An exhibition of traditional handmade dresses titled “Iran’s Lady” is underway at the Museum of Fine Arts in the Sadabad Cultural-Historical Complex.

Pouya Mahmoudian, the deputy director of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization, on Thursday cut the ribbon on the exhibit, which turns the spotlight on zarbaf (brocade) and termeh (a type of sumptuous handwoven cloth) techniques.

The event also unveiled the “first” haute couture wedding dress made from with termeh cloth, CHTN reported.

Termeh has for centuries manifested the artistic essence of the Iranian culture in clothing and décor. The handicraft, which is woven with silk and wool and sometimes with gold and silver, is mainly used for decorative purposes in important ceremonies and in making various items such as table-cloths, bed sheets, scarves, cushion covers, curtains, garments, waist bands, robes, royal headdress and even bags and shoes.

The exhibit will be running through December 12.