By Giovanni Sorbello

Russia and U.S., including conspiracies and interference: Claudio Moffa

January 24, 2019 - 1:53

On the delicate and critical relations between the United States and Russia, we interviewed Professor Claudio Moffa, professor of History of International Relations at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Teramo.

Q: Shall we think of Russia collusion case as a mere political plot to destroy Trump or Russian interference in the 2016 US elections is a fact?

A: Let’s look to the enemy of Trump in the 2016 elections: Hillary Rodham Clinton, a politician involved as Secretary of State in the 2011 anglo-french aggression to Libya, interested in capturing Gheddafi’s gold, and ready to set off a war even against Russia. A danger for Moscow and the world peace. So, it was obvious that Russia was interested in avoiding her election. And today it is normal that the same bellicose strong powers that had supported Hillary Rodham Clinton, accuse Trump, the winner of 2016 election, to have been supported by Putin. Whatever the truth is, these strong powers are the enemy of peace. And the election of Trump was the right choice.

Q: Robert Mueller is Republican. So his defiance against Trump might show that the disaster is even beyond the imagination. What’s your opinion on this matter?

A: It seems to me that Mueller does not work as an irreducible enemy of Trump. For instance, when the web BuzzFeed accused Donald Trump to have ordered his lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to the Congress about his interest in building a Trump Tower in Moscow, Robert Mueller – after denials of President’s spokesperson Sarah Sanders – criticized the scoop-complaint as “inaccurate”: that’s to say he, the special procurator on Russiagate, gave indirect support to denials of White House. Now, we may say that this single event cannot mean that Mueller is a supporter of Trump, but it anyway shows that he is not a frontal and irreducible enemy of the President, whatever the reason for this attitude.

Q: In regard with some leaked information to the media, could it be something more than a political interference to change the result of the election? Could it be a sign of a deep security infiltration?

A: I don’t know, it seems to me that there are not clear informations about this crucial item. Media against Russia have interest to accuse Moscow of infiltration in U.S. administration. But I think Trump is enough strong to avoid this eventuality.

Q: If we are to accept the assumption that Russia infiltrated the U.S. governance structures, what do you think of the origins of this interference?

A: The origin, or the cause of any Russian infiltration in U.S. leadership, is that in the U.S. Administration there have always been representatives of a hard line against Russia: see for instance not only Hillary Clinton vs. Obama, but also Bolton vs Trump himself. I mean that eventual Russian infiltration in U.S. administration and apparatus of power seems to have a defensive intent. Is it absurd to say to say this? I don’t think saw. Whatever the reason (weakness towards western power?) the official foreign policy of Moscow is coherent with the International Law. The intervention of Putin in Syria is a clear example of this: Moscow defends the legitimate president of Syria, Assad, from the internal and external aggressions. This means to be coherent with the International law, that stands side by side the legitimates governments against rebels, in the specific case Isis terrorists. Face to this situation, Trump has been ambiguous, first he sent American troops to Syria “to defend the Kurds” and then he withdrew them leaving the camp free for Moscow’s support for Assad.

Q: Some experts believe that the relations of Trump’s family members, especially Jared Kushner, with a big multinational Mafia is the origin of such a vast infiltration into different layers of the U.S. political system and information structure.

A: Who are these experts? And what evidence do they put forward for their thesis? When Trump was elected one of his first concerns was the control of the Fed, and China’s economical growing power. I think these are the most important problems for him.

Q: A look into the U.S. policies since 2016 shows how its position as a superpower has been undermined while at the same time, Russia has been strengthening its international position. What’s your opinion on this matter?

A: Being a superpower does not necessarily mean to be an expansionist superpower.  When U.S. leaderships take this path, in violation of International Law, it’s obvious that they lose the support of States they treat as enemies. On the contrary, Russia has pursued an official foreign policy that respects international law, whatever the cause, may be for instance its weakness compared to the western world. The allegations about Crimea were weak, because the annexation of Crimea followed a referendum whose result was in favor of Moscow with over 90% of consensus. And the crisis with Ukraine bears bay the provocations of Kiev, a government born with the help of Mossad.

This does not mean that Moscow has not enemies, but they are less motivated to assume an aggressive attitude.

Q: Less than one year, some western media revealed that some people in Kushner’s inner circle (such as Senator Tom Cotton) had relations with Mossad and spied on the U.S. senate intelligence committee. At the same time, some other media talked about the Russia’s infiltration into Mossad and even their infiltration into Israel and the U.S. security intelligence structures. Do you think that there is any relations with the Russia collusion case and other infiltration claims?

A: Let’s take the news about Kushner as good. But has Russia really infiltrated Mossad? I don’t know, Russia has often assumed an aggressive stance towards Israel, that does not accept the support of Moscow for Assad and Iran. But this does not mean that Russia is able to infiltrate Mossad: we should check the sources of these news, in order to understand that they are true or at least credible. On the contrary, it is well credible that Mossad infiltrated CIA, with which it often collaborates.

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