1st Hormoz Art Expo underway on Persian Gulf island 

May 25, 2019 - 18:20

TEHRAN – The 13/60 Foundation is organizing an art expo on the southern Iranian island of Hormoz in the Persian Gulf.

Over 150 works by 55 artists are on display at the 1st Hormoz Art Expo underway at the H School, a historical school built by Czech artist Jerry Pollack in 1973.

The art expo is being held in three categories of photography, painting and drawing.

“As a national heritage site, the school is the best location to host the art event,” the director of the expo, Morteza Niknahad, who is also the head of the 13/60 Foundation, told the Persian service of Honaronline on Saturday.

“The expo was due to open last month because of the island’s peak season, however, it was postponed due to some renovations to the school,” he added.

“The works have been selected out of 1,700 submissions by a jury composed of Hossein Maher, Firuzeh Athari Aghdashlu, Hassan Bardal, Shahed Saffari and French photographer Eric Lafforgue,” he stated.

The works are offered at reasonable prices to provide better chances for the visitors to make a purchase, he concluded.

The expo which opened on May 2 will be running until June 7.

Photo: An art aficionado visits the 1st Hormoz Art Expo underway at the H School on the Iranian island of Hormoz in the Persian Gulf.