170 birds, animals released back to wild

June 11, 2019

TEHRAN – On the occasion of national environment week, some 170 animals and birds of 15 species have been released back to the wild, Mehr news agency reported on Monday.

The national environment week is observed in the country annually from June 9-15, a few days after World Environment Day held annually on June 5.

The animals have been freed in Khojir national park in Pardis county in eastern Tehran, Mohammad Karami, an official with the Department of Environment (DOE) said.

Some 10 foxes and different bird species namely, Eurasian eagle-owl, tawny eagle, kite, kestrel, golden eagle, and cormorant were among species returning back to the nature once again, he noted.

Some of animals and birds were seized from smugglers, and the others have been injured and undergone treatment or surgeries before returning back to their natural habitat, he also added.

The foxes also have been captured by the DOE forces near the villages or towns around the capital, as people report their existence almost everywhere they occur, if not trap or shot them, he said, adding, while they are such shy animals who prefer to search for food at a time when there is little chance of being spotted by humans.

Fox species were inhabiting in the areas long before to be the cities, however, human encroached on their habitats and left no single habitat for them to live, he lamented, adding, they are no threat to humans and there is no need to persecute the precious species.

He further called on the people to protect the animal species and not to hurt them, as most of them are not dangerous at all.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he regretted that some people capture some animals for trade, which is so inhumane, for instance, when people touch the lambs, due to the human scent and their mother will abandon them, so they will be separated from the nature.

Some people hunt bird species due to income generation, while most of them are not sold in high prices, he lamented, and added that there are many ways to earn income except hurting the valuable species and lead them to disappearance.