By Javad Heirannia

Trump's willingness to talk with Iran is “Not a serious”: Robert Hunter

June 29, 2019 - 13:43

TEHRAN – Robert E. Hunter, the former U.S. ambassador to NATO, says Trump's willingness to talk with Iranian authorities is “Not a serious proposal.”

 “It is designed to try showing the allies that he is not just “pressure” without efforts to talk,” Hunter tells the Tehran Times.

Following is the full text of the exclusive interview with Hunter:

Q: Do you think that the maximum pressure campaign on Iran will have an outcome for the Trump government?

A: If it goes to war, negative with most US public opinion; if not, most Americans are not paying attention; but allies will continue to fret.

Q:  It looks as though we are approaching the date of the American presidential election, Trump's willingness is increasing to talk with Iranian authorities. Some believe that this tendency is more for electoral advertising than as his foreign policy achievement. What is your opinion?

A: Not a serious proposal; it is designed to try showing the allies that he is not just “pressure” without efforts to talk.

Q: If the maximum pressure against Iran does not reach the result,   would you imagine a change in Trump's warring team, including the expulsion of John Bolton and Mike Pompeo?

A: No.  They are doing what he wants in terms of rhetoric against Iran.  The issue is whether they will help start a war by accident or miscalculation. The same is the risk with actions by Iran.  The situation is very dangerous. (Iran would be the biggest loser in a war, no matter how it is fought.

Q: Given that China's trade war with China will have unfavorable effects on the US economy in the coming months and the economy is also the card winner for the trump, how do you assess the results of the US elections in 2020 in the shadow of the continuation of the trade war with China?

A: To the extent that Trump has control over the trade war, it will be settled, one way or another, long before the election.

Q:  The poll was recently held by Fox News, Media sponsor Trump, that it show Trump has less votes than five Democrats, including Bernice Sanders and Joe Biden. Given the fact that the poll was held by Fox News, How do you evaluate it? (Of course, there were some differences between Trump and Fox News recently) 

A: At this point in the election cycle, polls are meaningless. That has been proved over and over.