Lake Ovan: A charming destination for eco-tourists

July 21, 2019 - 20:38

TEHRAN – Lake Ovan, locally called Daryacheh-ye Ovan, is a small alpine resort situated in Alamut region, Qazvin province.

Embraced by the mighty Arborz mountain range, the lake is frequented by domestic and even international visitors especially on holidays and in summertime, however, it has long been a charming destination when it comes to eco-tourism due to having magnificent and spectacular views.

Lake Ovan is suitable for fishing, swimming and riding boats in summer while in fall it hosts migratory birds such as swan, goose and duck. In winter, the lake can be used for sports such as skiing and ice skating while its surface becomes slippery with ice in winter.

An interesting point about the lake is that it doesn't receive any water from the surrounding rivers, and the only water source is atmospheric precipitation and springs on the lake floor.

Surrounded by Evan, Varbon, Zavardasht and Zar-abaad villages, the lake is located in an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level, and according to, its maximum length is 325 meters, and it has a width of 275 meters. The deepest section of the lake is 7.5 meters and extends over 70,000 square meters.

The excess water of the lake, which is actually overflow of this lake, forms a small river which irrigates farmlands in the villages of Kushk and Ain. Most residents of these two villages either breed livestock or work on their lands.

Lake Ovan is freezing in winter and sometimes in autumn, and it is considered a suitable haven for migratory birds such as swans, geese, and ducks.

Due to the elevation of 1800 meters and the cold weather of this area in the winter, the lake surface is frozen and allows skiers to Ice skating. On the other hand, the weather is very glorious for fishing, swimming, and boating in the summertime.

What animals can be spotted?

Animals such as goat, leopard, brown bear, fox, jackal, wolf, wild boar, marten, caracal, eagle, cinereous vulture, kestrel, hawk, owl, partridge, cuckoo, woodpecker, roller, chough and various kinds of sparrow, frog, turtles and crabs can be spotted across the lands that encircle the lake, according to It is also a resort for aquatic creatures such as trout, carp and fish ducks.

Access to the lake

The lake can be reached via a road which connects Qazvin to eastern Alamut. Starting from the south towards the north, there is village at beginning of the road, called Shinqor. After passing a relatively high hill there is a flat area called Rajaee-dasht. A few kilometers after this point, where the road branches off, Moalem-kalaye road should be taken. At the last fork, there is a narrow road towards the north which directly goes to the lake.

Here is a select of comments that visitors to the lake have posted to TripAdvisor, one of the most popular travel websites in the world:

“Amazing view”

It worth visiting here if you have the plan to get in Alamut area! I liked that! I headed to there from lambaste castle and it was a little far but I could have a tiny picnic around the lake for some relaxation. (adriantraveler1990 from Moscow, Russia; visited August 2018)

“Picturesque, but not much more”

Not really worth the effort of going there. It is picturesquely located in the mountains, and if you're nearby, why not. But that's about it. (wrightone50 from Lower Austria, Austria; visited in September 2018)

“First class nature”

Beautiful and relaxing place the area is perfect for hiking. Could spend many days to relax there but there are not much possibilities as guest house or hotel. (homit99 from Erlangen, Germany; visited April 2018)

“Don’t miss it!!”

A very nice setting in amongst the mountains and a village. Not many birds here as I thought there would be. Only disappointment was the litter everywhere. The ticket entry box was not manned when I was there but you may be unlucky. Best photo is from the above road before going down to the lake. (Gtirman from Brisbane, Austria; visited October 2017)