By Martin Love

Occam’s Razor may be useful in explaining Jeffrey Epstein

August 13, 2019 - 15:24

NORTH CAROLINA - Of all the news items hitting the Internet in the U.S. this summer by far the most commentary among general readers involves questions and speculations about the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who either committed suicide or was killed inside his prison cell in New York City this past weekend.

He had been denied bail awaiting a trial slated for next summer on various sordid charges that might have resulted in 45 years behind bars – in effect, a death sentence for the 67-year-old alleged financier who over recent decades had played fast and loose with the “elite” whose names are a virtual litany of many of the most visible, powerful politicians, businesspersons and professionals in this current era in American history. 

Every speculation or theory or conspiracy notion almost anyone has offered up in the wake of Epstein’s not so surprising demise well before he could or might have named specifically who among the “elite” (quite possibly Trump himself and certainly Bill Clinton) partook of his services of procuring underage females for sex at one or another of his lavish properties or on his aircraft is and has been fair game since his arrest in early July.

Almost anything is possible, and especially in an America where there is not a single arbiter or trusted voice any longer who has a record of discovering and then telling the truth about virtually anything the U.S. has been about, especially since 9/11 -- which itself has never been adequately examined or explained.

Imagine a world where nothing and no one can be trusted by the average citizen, where people are left to flail around trying to get a valid grip on the truth when the mainstream media, as well as the government, has often either lied outright or failed to tell the whole truth and nothing but.

And worse, Epstein’s death, however or by whom it was accomplished, has come at the same time the FBI has been trying to deem any “conspiracy” theories or notions suggested by the public a literal threat to “national security”. In other words, some or any “official” story concocted by the mainstream media or the government powers, probably in cahoots with each other, must be “accepted” as the truth, period – even if few can believe it. This is an atmosphere of totalitarianism, or something quite close to it.

The stories appearing in the mainstream media about Epstein and associates, some of them quite long and detailed, do undoubtedly have a certain prurient interest to the public, as if to tell the public: so THIS is how wealthy and powerful Americans get to live (if they want), this is what they do in a world where anything goes, where gobs of money count more than anything else, and nothing seems ever to be condemned, and perps rarely face any kind of justice or accounting.

Indeed, the ONE thing a public wants in any society (including any largely Islamic oriented society like Iran’s) or country is an authority or authorities who are not simply self-serving and whose primary aim is truth telling and the effective and fair implementation of fundamental justice when it is required and which gives people a sense that at least their “leaders” are trying hard to do the correct thing to abide by the lofty principles upon which the society or country was founded, whether the base concept is representative “democracy” and related, long enshrined laws, or long established religious principles and its laws or whatever.

But this is no longer what the American people have, this sense that no matter what happens, justice can and will eventually prevail based on proper discovery of the truth. And this, in effect, suggests the demise of the American experiment and maybe, ultimately, the demise of American influence and power.

But with the Epstein saga, however complicated it seems and however difficult it may be to get to the bottom of it all, one must apply the famous “Occam’s Razor”. William of Occam was an English scholastic philosopher who died in 1347. He was an important figure in Western medieval thought who has been known for a methodological principle that bears his name. He developed a principle of parsimony (Occam’s Razor as it came to be called) in explaining things and in theory building.

 This principle states that if one can explain something at all, one must always opt for an explanation in terms of the fewest possible factors, causes or variables. In other words, simplicity often leads to the best explanation for some phenomenon – in this case, the phenomenon of Jeffrey Epstein.

Thus, if one were to apply Occam’s notion to Epstein and his activities (and some few notable non-mainstream observers and writers with past experience even in one case as a CIA employee have already done this) it seems probable that Epstein’s ultimate handlers and in part a source of his wealth, were quite possibly Israelis, and more specifically, in operational terms, Mossad.

Epstein’s nefarious game was, quite likely, to snare and blackmail American elites who befriended him and got involved, directly or indirectly, in his offerings of sex with underage females. And since early July when Epstein was arrested, it’s been safe to assume he would not live long. And he did not.

The question now is whether, in a country where few even in the government are not under the sway of Zionist imperatives and propaganda or just their own ignorance, this stark angle on the possible base of Epstein’s activities will be thoroughly explored and possibly brought to light.