Iranian marquetry master to hold exhibit in Tehran

August 21, 2019 - 19:16

TEHRAN - A collection of marquetry works by Mehran Amir-Inanlou, a trendsetter, applauded Iranian artist, will go on display at an exhibition in the Sa’dabad Cultural-Historical Complex.

The collection is composed of 30 works, of which eight haven’t gone on a public display so for, CHTN reported.

The opening ceremony will be held on August 2 from 15 to 19 local time. The exhibit titled “Resurrection of the Wood” will be running through September 2, the report said. 

Born in 1967, Amir-Inanlou is one of the prominent masters of marquetry (wood inlaying), known as the innovator of a new style in marquetry which involves incorporating color rendering into the art, according to IRNA.

He holds a first-class art degree and a high diploma of honor from the International Iranian Innovators and Elites Institute and has won distinctions in several domestic and international expositions.

Sprawled on about 110 hectares of a mountainside parkland, the Sa’dabad complex was once a royal summer residence during Qajar era (1789–1925) and its subsequent Pahlavi epoch (1925–1979).