By Abdullahi Junaidu

"As Nigerians celebrate #59 years anniversary of independence"

October 6, 2019 - 15:25

Remember it's going to relegation always in terms of education, security, health sector, infrastructure and other social amenities, 

It is among the first class countries in terms of poverty, bad leadership, human right violation, injustice, corruption and bribery.

The title given to the country as an independent is fake, actually it is the western powers that rule and control the country through their proxy servers led by the so called President.

Our natural and mineral resources are looted and transported to west, our bad leaders loot our treasury and keep in the banks of these western countries.

Nigerians are suffering from life's hardship; hunger and poverty cause by these filthy leaders.

3 square meal is difficult for more than 70% of Nigerians while family of these leaders are there studying and making luxury life at foreign with public funds

If you could remember in 2017 one of the President family in person of Yusuf had an accident when he was driving a motorbike of 50million dollar worth, while some of the Nigerians are there dying due to lack and insufficient medical facilities.

It is in this Nigeria that it's coward soldiers massacred over 1000+ of it's innocent citizens while arm bandit and kidnappers are there playing their role with no serious measure from the Govt side.

It is in this Nigeria that it's leaders violate court orders, Sheikh Zakzaky and Sambo Dasuki's case is an example, while not less than 2 competent courts ordered their release but the Govt refuse to comply.
Today this Govt led by incompetent, dullard, moron, monster, clueless, bloodthirsty and tyrant President Buhari is the worst and most corrupt Government in the history of Nigeria.

On this day, Nigeria has no single achievement to celebrate rather than killing thousands of it's citizens.

In the history of Nigeria, Buhari govt is the worst in terms of human right violation, insecurity and contempt of court order.

Nigeria will go nowhere if these people that are in power now continue to lead the country, and most important, the system that ruled the country supposed to change.

God bless good people.