By Martin Love

A speculation about the Trumpian core

October 14, 2019 - 15:17

NORTH CAROLINA - Here is a wild and maybe baseless hunch the Zionists and Israel could start working hard but covertly to see Donald Trump impeached by the Democrats in Congress. One might say this sounds bizarre and implausible given all that “Israel” has extracted from Trump and his administrative cronies: more billions of American taxpayer bucks than ever before, the “gift” of the Syrian Golan as recognized Israeli territory as if such U.S. recognition legitimized the Israeli hold on the territory, the further gift of a free hand for the Zionists to build more illegal settlements in the West Bank, the refusal to speak out against the horrors of life in Gaza, the move of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to West Jerusalem, and much more.

This reminds of what the world has long witnessed regarding the Jewish, racist fanatics. They really don’t care who they kill or hurt to expand borders that have not even been defined over 70 plus years as long as their agenda is shoved forward. They have made huge extractions from every U.S. president, and more from naïve Trump than any other POTUS, and the speculation is might they now be angling secretly to cast him aside, gutted, because he has nothing more to give these the Israeli parasites.  One must wonder, and this begs the obvious question: Why?

First, it is important to mention, and one might almost believe it, that Trump in his weeny heart of hearts is not a bellicose person. He may be all sorts of negative things. He may be a jerk, a misogynist, an often not so sharp businessman, an environmental rapist, a liar and manipulator and much more, including a not particularly bright man despite the chutzpah. But one must imagine he may not be a cold-blooded killer – not like Hillary Clinton, say, or or even well disguised Barack Obama behind his fetching smile, or well, clueless George W. Bush. One must further imagine the Zionists know this about Trump, that he is not a killer who lusts after foreign blood, and they must recall Trump on the campaign trail talking about the utter waste of U.S. wars of choice in the Middle East. The Zionists have forever wanted the wars to continue. Period.

Trump’s instincts seem to be telling him NOT to start a war even if he has so far kept going those he did not start. But one must also ask why he peppered his administration with some of the worst Neocons and Zionist lovers like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo and Nikki Haley and others? Why would he have chosen such sinister souls to sully his administration? Could it be at some gut level Trump realized the importance of keeping his alleged friends close, but his enemies even closer? And recall that Trump did dump Bolton when it became apparent Bolton was working at cross purposes while Trump was trying to get a “deal”, for example one with North Korea.

Now, with the demise of the Russiagate scam erected by “Deep State” opponents and Democrats as the sorriest losers of the election in 2016, and of late the erection of yet another not too credible charge that Trump was literally and baldly conspiring to twist the arm of Ukraine’s Zelensky to dig up dirt on the nepotistic Joe Biden (a weak man and opportunist if ever there was one), the Democrats are back in full-blown impeachment mode and Trump, awkwardly at best, is scrambling to defend himself although it does in fact seem unlikely he can be impeached.

The Democrats are rabid about impeachment because they may well be more entrenched with the so-called “Deep State” powers than even the Republicans, although this is admittedly a very close call. It is anyway terribly unfortunate that Trump’s “base” among the electorate happens to center on mindless Christian evangelicals who seem to care not a whit about anything but bringing on a war to end all wars to bring on the “rapture” or some other insane and impossible fantasy. As for the Democrats, yes, they are entertaining a few candidates like Bernie Sanders, a true progressive, and weaker ones like Elizabeth Warren, possibly a faux progressive, but they are, it seems, NOT pushing the better candidates, especially the clearest anti-war mentality of them all, Tulsi Gabbard. And Joe Biden has been, if the mainstream media is any reliable voice (and it is not), alleged to be the front runner until recently and this seems to be some kind of bad joke. Moreover, there are some Democrats who literally think Hillary Clinton ought to jump in to the fray and run against Trump again, and she has marginally threatened to do this.

Clinton by any measure may the most “Zionified” and corrupted Democrat of them all, and it was she whom the corrupt Democratic Party nominated in 2016 in very questionable circumstances over Bernie Sanders, who probably could have beaten Trump had he not acquiesced to Clinton’s nomination. But that is history, and it is quite possible that the party will somehow bend the rules once again and nominate someone who is far more like Clinton than anyone else currently in the race for the nomination. 

This bears careful watching over the next year, in part because any Democrat who is not like Clinton probably stands a better chance against Trump than anyone else, but too many of the power brokers don’t seem to care. Yes, Trump won in 2016, but it seems foolish not to believe the Zionists were alarmed by Trump’s campaign postures about ending fruitless wars that have solely benefitted the far rightwing Zionists and the U.S. military industrial complex. And this is why one must wonder whether Israel is ready to pull the plug on Trump and covertly go for most anyone who is NOT talking about ending the various extant wars. We know the Zionists are appalled by Trump’s move to pull back American troops from northeast Syria and allow Turkey to go in and decimate the Kurds, who have constituted Israeli allies. And Erdogan has not been friendly towards the Zionists even though he, like the Zionists, may still prefer to see Syria broken in to conflicted pieces. But that posture may be changing, too.

Whether there is any validity to these speculations only events over the next year will confirm or nullify, but Trump, however he may be reviled, does not look of late with the sacking of Bolton and the refusal to bomb Iran and the rejection of the Kurds any worse than most of the Democrats who again have stirred up a hornet’s nest of charges and those hornets may well turn to sting them rather than result in Trump’s impeachment.