Iran’s representative at GECF calls on members to counter U.S. actions

November 29, 2019 - 14:33

TEHRAN – Iranian Oil Ministry’s representative at the 5th Summit of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), which kicked off in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea on November 25, called on all members to stand against U.S.’s unilateralism, Shana reported.

The official stressed the need for stopping U.S.’s unilateral sanctions against GECF members and noted that the U.S. government is using the sanctions as a weapon against other nations.

“U.S. actions not only are limiting the fulfillment of our goals, but also endangering the world’s energy security”, Mohammad Hossein Adeli said on Wednesday, during the second International Gas Seminar under the theme “Gas: Challenging the Status Quo, Creating a Sustainable Future”, which was held on the sidelines of the 5th GECF summit.

"The United States has gone to war with the right of nations to develop in recent years with a kind of monopoly-seeking and imposition of sanctions and is trying to prevent nations’ development via economic terrorism”, he added.

He further mentioned some of the issues pertain to the world’s gas market, saying, the fact is that as a result of recent developments, gas prices have fallen and new exporters have emerged so the competition is increased and consequently the risk and uncertainty about the future has also risen, however gas still remains an important source of revenue for all the gas exporting countries.

Attended by the Secretary General of OPEC, Mohammad Barkindo, and heads of states and energy ministers from Iran, Nigeria, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Angola and several other countries, the 5th GECF Summit is being held during November 25-30.

The event is aimed to gather all GECF member states and gas investment leaders to increase cooperation amongs leader gas producers.
The previous GECF summits were held in Qatar, Russia, Iran and Bolivia, and the last of which was in held Bolivia in 2017.