Iranian cuisine, culture attracts visitors at Slovenia exhibit

December 3, 2019 - 18:47

TEHRAN – Visitors to a Slovenian charity exhibition highly welcomed Iran’s stalls which turned the spotlight on the country’s cuisine, handicrafts, ancient traditions, and tourism destinations.

The one-day exhibition -- SILA’s 26th Annual Charity Bazaar -- was held on Sunday at SILA (the Slovenian International Ladies Association) in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

The Iranian embassy in Ljubljana set up two stalls at the event with the aim of promoting arts and culture of the country as well as its travel destinations, IRNA reported.

Exhibitors from 30 countries took part in SILA’s 26th Annual Charity Bazaar which was divided into two main sections, one dedicated to culture, arts and handicrafts, and the other to local foods and beverages.

Turkey, Indonesia, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Croatia, Ukraine, Uganda, Egypt, Hungary, France, Greece, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the U.S., Russia, India, Thailand, Peru, Brazil, Sweden and Finland were among the participants, the report said.

SILA was originally established as a social group for the wives of diplomats and foreign businessmen stationed in the country. However, as times have changed so has the group, which is now open not only to any foreign woman living in Slovenia, but also Slovenes, a meeting point to share experiences, adventures and pleasures.

Organizers say while it’s the celebration of the foreign community in Slovenia and the varied sights, sounds and flavors that will draw the crowds, the real focus of the bazaar is charity, with money raised by the prize draw and other means.