* By Mohammad Ghaderi

UAE, a virus threatening Iraq

December 11, 2019 - 10:15

The United Arab Emirates is the name of a country that did not exist until 1971 and its geographical area was known as “the Trucial States”.

The United Arab Emirates is the name of a country that did not exist until 1971 and its geographical area was known as “the Trucial States”.

On December 2, 1971, the UAE appeared as a country on the map of the world. Today, the UAE interventions in the Arab states’ affairs and its role in creating instability is clear to everyone. 

Regarding the destructive role of the UAE, the al-Monitor newspaper wrote that after the 2011 incidents, the role of the UAE, especially in quelling popular movements, became more obvious. The UAE, along with its allies, made every efforts to prevent the success of popular movements in Arab countries.

Arab media outlets have recently released reports that reveal the UAE interference in the Iraqi domestic affairs. The Al Mayadeen news channel reported that three UAE planeloads of arms were sent to the Iraqi Kurdistan following the visit of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s officials to Abu Dhabi. 

Informed Iraqi sources told Al Mayadeen that Baghdad is not aware of the weapons that were sent to the KRG. It is not clear whether the KRG or the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) will use these weapons.

The sources stated that sending arms to the KRG means that the UAE is interfering in the KRG-Iraq case. If the arms were sent for the KRG, so why did not Baghdad know anything about them? Was the move intended to begin a war?

The Arabi21 News Agency revealed the role of the UAE in the protests in Iraq, reporting that as the protests began, Abu Dhabi tried to carry out its planned military coup.  

On the other hand, the Soat al-Iraq (Voice of Iraq) radio station announced the arrest of a UAE-affiliated group that sought to derail the popular protests in their own favor. The radio station emphasized that the group was directly affiliated with Tahnoun bin Zayed, the UAE national security adviser and crown prince’s brother, who was trying to resolve the issue through the Western channels. 

UAE’s expansionist policies seem to have no end in sight, and after years of suspicious support, the name of the UAE has been highlighted again in Iraq. The UAE is taking step to meet its political demands in Iraq and is seeking sedition to advance its own hostile plans. The planeloads of arms show the UAE’s intervention in security issues, raising the question of whether ISIS is linked to the UAE. What is the secret of the Iraqi antiquities stolen from a museum in Abu Dhabi?

A few days ago, the Iraqi media announced the arrest of a UAE-affiliated group, including some Lebanese individuals, who intended to influence the demonstrations in the country. 

At the same time, Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq (AAH) Secretary-General Qais Khazali told the Iraqi media that the Zionist regime and the UAE are the main actors of this great conspiracy against Iraq. The secretary-general provided the Iraqi authorities with more details about the conspiracy.

From analysts’ perspective, Iraq, like other Arab countries, has not been safe from the UAE interference. The UEA is trying to plunge Iraq into drugs and supports terrorist groups to create instability in the country. 

* Author: Mohammad Ghaderi , Tehran Times editor in chief 

His page on Twitter : @ghaderi62 - and Gmail address : m.ghaderi62@gmail.com