Clearance of cargoes from customs through ‘green path’ rises 31%

December 28, 2019 - 18:25

TEHRAN- Clearance of goods from Iran’s customs through “green path” has risen 31 percent, IRIB quoted Mehrdad Jamal Orounaqi, the deputy head of Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA), as saying.

Clearance of cargoes through green path has been noticeably increasing and stands at 50 percent at the moment, the official underlined.

Putting the declarations of basic and necessary goods in “green path” for rapid clearance was one of the items mentioned in a directive announced in October by Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Farhad Dejpasand addressing the head of IRICA. It obliged the customs administration to take measures for facilitating customs processes. The directive set a deadline for IRICA to take the necessary actions.

The directive was in line with improving business condition for the enterprises and promoting foreign trade.

Setting up a strategic committee within two months to take necessary measures for stable promotion of electronic systems and expediting the process of data registration and permit control, improving the system of commodity code, revising management indices especially for production units and basic and necessary goods, and developing the single-window system (a trade facilitation idea enabling cross-border traders to submit regulatory documents at a single location and/or single entity) were also mentioned in the directive.

Also, following a previous directive by President Hassan Rouhani, IRICA has been providing new facilities for importers of basic goods which makes them able to clear their commodities in less than an hour, as announced by Orounaqi.

Also, a new bylaw announced by Orounaqi on December 16 is to facilitate imports more in line with combatting the sanctions.

The new instructions declared to the country’s customs departments require the representatives of the related organizations to act under the supervision of IRICA for conducting necessary controls and inspections.