Iran Music Association, Turkish universities sign MOU 

December 31, 2019 - 18:19

TEHRAN – The Iran Music Association has signed two memorandums of understanding (MOU) with Turkey’s Kafkas University and Ankara University to expand bilateral cooperation on music.

The MOUs were inked in Tehran on Monday by Iran Music Association director Ali Sabetnia, and Ali Kafkasiyali and Yavuz Selim Kafkasyali from Turkey, the association announced.

The MOUs will help facilitate the participation of the countries’ musicians in each other’s festivals, Sabetnia said.

Based on the MOUs, the association and the academic centers will organize research panels on Iranian and Turkish music, and some albums of Iranian regional music will be recorded in Turkey.

According to the MOUs, the Iran Music Association will collaborate with some musical centers in the Turkish cities of Ankara, Istanbul and Erzurum.

Ali Kafkasiyali is the founder of the Union of Ashiqs in Turkey and the writer of “Anthology of Iranian Turkish Literature”.

Yavuz Selim Kafkasyali teaches at the Department of Education of Kafkas University.

Photo: Members of the Iran Music Association and officials of Turkey’s Kafkas University and Ankara University meet in Tehran on December 30, 2019.