Book analyzing Iranian children’s view of toys published 

January 1, 2020 - 18:32

TEHRAN – A book analyzing Iranian children’s view of toys has been published by the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA).

Co-written by Sajjad Khani, Mehdi Izadkhah and Mohammad Asadi, “Iranian Children and Toys: An Analysis on Behavior of Consumers” was unveiled during the Fifth National Festival of Toys at the IIDCYA on Tuesday.

IIDCYA Supervising Council director Vida Maleki said that the writers tried to study the challenges existing in the field of toys and reflect the results in the book. 

Speaking at the ceremony, Izadkhah also said that there is not much information about the cultural industry, adding, “We need to collect more information and transfer them to the society.”

IIDCYA official Ruhollah Kazemizadeh in his brief words said that the book is good for parents and those who are involved with toys to raise their knowledge of toys’ impacts on children. 

The festival of toys opened on December 28 and will end on Friday.

Photo: IIDCYA officials unveil the book “Iranian Children and Toys, an Analysis on Behavior of Consumers” in Tehran on December 31, 2019. (IIDCYA/Mohsen Roshandeh)