A glance at a lavishly decorated house in central Iran

January 22, 2020 - 19:2

TEHRAN – Photos depict scenes of the extravagantly decorated Mollabashi (Motamedi) house in Isfahan, central Iran, on January 20, 2020.

The centuries-old house has been recently brought back to its former glory after months of restoration work. It is a superb example of traditional Iranian architecture in terms of lavish interior design as it features richly colored tiles, stucco decoration, mirrored walls, extravagantly embellished ceilings and stained glass windows throughout.

Visitors to the house recommend others to tour it in the middle of the day if interested to witness the dancing colors of the light.

Mollabashi house, which has been inscribed on the National Cultural Heritage list, according to its owner, has passed three historical periods of Safavids, Zand and Qajar dynasties.

The house is divided into two parts: the living spaces and service spaces. In living spaces, you may be faced with warm and intimate, high energy and high lighting, and in the service spaces, there are rooms for rest and business, in which space is more closed, more serious and less decorated.

The gorgeous interior design of entrance with mogharnas tiles, a polygonal room with a water pond in the middle for use in the summer, a rectangular big room with a mirrored and fresco walls designed to host, celebrate & reception of special guests are only a few of the unique attractions of this beautiful historic house.

When you step in the exterior courtyard, which is, in fact, a cozy little garden with well-manicured trees, there is also a staircase leading you to the upper floor where the porch is located. A beautiful room is located at the end of the courtyard, with windows facing the street, which is beautifully decorated, it gives you the first picture from Mollabashi’s house. In this room, all the objects and tools will smell the past, and if you look at it in the evening, sunlight shines through the glass on the entire room.