Iranian rural landscape wins prestigious TO DO Award

February 3, 2020 - 10:20

TEHRAN – Esfahak village in Tabas, eastern Iran, has won TO DO Award 2020, a prestigious prize which is annually presented by the German Institute for Tourism and Development.

The award is aimed at taking into account the various interests and needs of the local population in the planning and implementation of tourism projects, measures, products and services.

Involvement and co-determination ensure broad-based participation – e.g. through information, surveys and discussions among the population when finding ideas and making decisions, according to its website.

Esfahak was assessed last November by an expert from the German institute, IRNA reported.

The award will be presented to representatives of the village during a special ceremony, which will be held on the sidelines of the ITB Berlin 2020, March 4 to 8, as one of the world’s leading travel trade shows, CHTN reported on Saturday.

The original texture of Esfakak was completely brought down to earth in a 7.4 earthquake in 1978, according to local tourism officials. A new village was built following the quake next to the rocked old one with the participation of people who have now refurbished it as a tourist destination with [abundant] eco-lodge units.

Esfahak is a village located about 38 km away from Tabas with hardworking and diligent people who are mostly engaged with agriculture and animal breeding. It enjoys a mild climate that is perfect for growth of any crops so while visiting it almost everywhere looks magnificently lush. Village houses are often built on a floor with domed roofs and small windows.

Old houses were often built by the means of bricks and mud and are mostly one-story. Traditional bathrooms, locally called Khazinehs, are still standing tall in the corners of the village. Local music is particularly important for the people of the village. Performing local songs and playing Tar is inseparable in celebrations in the village. Dates and saffron from Esfahak village are tasty make sure not to miss trying them. You can also test different types of local soup and potage while in Esfahak.