Rainfall in Tehran hits 69-year record high

February 26, 2020 - 17:14

TEHRAN – Rainfall doused the capital city of Tehran over the past two days, reaching 55.5 millimeters, which was unprecedented in the past 69 years.

The precipitation station in Tehran was first set up in 1951, and this is the first time it has recorded such rainfall rate, Sahar Tajbakhsh, head of Meteorological Organization said.

Tehran short of rain compared to last year

Since September 23, rainfall in Tehran has amounted to 147.7 mm, compared to 186.4 mm in the previous year and 137.9 mm in the long run. Therefore, it demonstrates that the capital meets above-normal levels of rain compared to the same long term mean. But short of rain compared to the last year.

Above-normal rainfall compared to lung run

According to the data released on Tuesday by the National Drought Warning and Monitoring Center affiliated to the Meteorological Organization, the whole country received 156.2 millimeters of precipitations since September 23, which indicates a 14.1-percent rise compared to the long-term averages.

But the amount shows a 7.8 percent drop compared to last year’s precipitations in the corresponding period.

However, statistics show that Gilan, Mazandaran and Lorestan provinces with 539 mm, 420.1 mm and 343.6 mm precipitation, ranked the first three provinces with highest rainfall respectively.

This is while the three provinces are still short of rain compared to the previous year average.

When it comes to the highest variations in mean precipitation, provinces of Sistan-Baluchestan, Bushehr and Kerman are the winners with 89.7, 40.7 and 40.2 mm increase in rainfall compared to their long term means, respectively.