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Grand Prize Event to Attract Innovative Idea and Design in Organizing Festival on Kish Island

May 16, 2020 - 16:19

Kish Occasions and Festivals Institute in cooperation with the Kish Institute of Science and Technology and Tourism Deputy Office of Kish Free Zone Organization [KFZO] hold:

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, in the international level and its impact on touring and tourism activities as well as due to the necessity of observing health protocols and guidelines especially in these days, many prestigious and important events are not executable traditionally due to the outbreak of the disease especially the traditional organizing of festivals and festivities.

As the beautiful Kish Island with breathtaking views, which has been introduced as a leading tourism hub in the region and has always been the pioneer of creativity in the field of tourism, Kish Free Zone Organization intends to plan and create a festival in full compliance with health protocols at the condition that many countries in the world are grappling with the pandemic and this deadly virus has diminished tourism activities around the globe.

Given the above issue, it is planning to the boom tourism industry on this Island once again by fully observing health protocols.

Audiences of Call:

All functionaries of tourism facilities in country, tourism activists, academic centers, universities, business owners and relevant businesses, startups, and enthusiasts, etc.

Requirements of Designs and Ideas:

1- Idea or design or plan should be led to the motivation to travel to various parts of the country especially travel to Kish Island,

2- The design, plan or idea should be designed within the framework of requirements of “Smart Social and Physical Distancing”

3- Any design, plan, or idea should be able to cover at least timespan from one to three months.

4- Any idea, plan should create motivation for purchasing services from tourism facilities and markets on Kish Island.

5- Any idea or plan should have necessary attractiveness for bringing about pleasure and leisure time for passengers during their travel to Kish Island.

6-  Any idea or plan should be designed based on the competitive advantages of Kish Island.

7- Any plan or idea should be innovative and creative and also realistic.

8- Any idea or plan should be influential and force tourists to stay in the region for a long period.  

9-  Any idea or plan should have certain target markets.

10- Any plan or idea should benefit all tourism facilities and services on Kish Island.

If the idea or plan meets the following criteria, it will also be participated in the competition as a plan:

1- The plan or idea should have a suitable trade plan with economic justification.

2- Any idea or plan should have an executive operational plan.

It is obvious that if submitted ideas or plans fail to meet the aforementioned criteria, they will not be allowed to enter the competition stage. Under such circumstances, right of all intellectual property for all plans and ideas will be reserved for presenter of the plan.

Deadline for Submitting Initial Proposal:

Khordad 15, 1399

Way of Participating in Competition and Event:

All enthusists and interested individuals may send their ideas to the following email address at:

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the following phone number: 07644434003-4, Kish Innovation Center.