Tehran exhibit to showcase Michel Setboun’s photos on Islamic Revolution

June 8, 2020 - 18:38

TEHRAN – Renowned French photographer Michel Setboun’s collection on the Islamic Revolution will go on display in an exhibition opening today at the Imam Cultural Center in Tehran. 

Entitled “Around Enqelab (Revolution) Street”, the exhibit will be available for viewing by the public while it will also be online.  

The collection contains a selection of photos of rallies and street uprisings that Setboun had taken during the Islamic Revolution from 1978 to 1979.  

The collection contains pictures of a speech by Imam Khomeini, battles between armed forces and the university students, pulling down the statue of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, and people’s visits with Imam Khomeini.

The photos have been selected from the book titled “The Days of the Revolution”, which was published by Iran’s Association of Revolution and Sacred Defense Photographers in 2016.

The exhibit will be running until June 27 at the cultural center located on Amir-Soleimani St., Niavaran neighborhood, and the virtual exhibit is available on the Instagram of the center. 

Setboun worked for the Sipa Agency in Iran during the Islamic Revolution of 1979 and the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war.

“The Days of the Revolution” was published based on an agreement signed between the Association of Revolution and Sacred Defense Photographers and Setboun in 2011 when he was in Iran for the 3rd Fajr International Festival of Visual Arts.

The Ahvaz Museum of Contemporary Art showcased a collection of Setboun’s photos in an exhibition at that time.

The showcase was a part of the Fajr International Visual Arts Festival, which was organized to celebrate the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. The organizers also honored Setboun with a prize at the closing ceremony of the event.

A number of the photos were from the 42-photo collection, which was purchased by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB).

Setboun is the author of “New York Vertigo”, a collection of photographs that aims to capture the incredible vitality and spectacular variety of life in the world’s greatest city.

His credits also include “Mongolia: Dream of Infinity” and “40 Years of Photojournalism: Generation Sipa”.

Photo: A photo by French photographer Michel Setboun.