Museum of Art and Anthropology opens in Najafabad

June 12, 2020 - 20:0

TEHRAN – Museum of Art and Anthropology was inaugurated in Najafabad, central Isfahan province, CHTN reported on Thursday. 

The Mehrparvar Mansion, which was restored last year, has turned into the museum, with the aim of introducing the rich history and culture of the city, provincial tourism chief Alireza Habibi announced. 

A budget of 20 billion rials (about $500,000) was allocated to the restoration and preparation of the museum, which displays 400 historical relics from different eras, he added. 

The museum will also display some of the centuries-old handicrafts, which are being forgotten due to the changes in People’s lifestyles, he noted.  

The Mehrparvar Mansion, which was built in the late Qajar era (1789–1925) and early Pahlavi period (1925-1979), is one of the spectacular historical buildings of Najafabad. 

Located in the west of Isfahan province, Najafabad was built during the Safavid-era (1501–1736). The city is famous for its historical dovecotes and the Sheikh Bahai fort with seven dovecotes is one of the city’s popular tourist attractions.