By Diego Vida

Drop-zone by Sepah Navy Special Force 

July 31, 2020 - 15:14

How many times do we have to listen to the American propaganda campaigns about their special forces claiming to be the saviors of the world while other military corps of other nations aren't mentioned at all.  

The question is: Are American troopers really powerful or not? 

Anytime America ignites the fire of war in a corner of the word, it just calls its allies to help to win the battle without thanking them. It just claims that the U.S. is the best powerful military nation in the world but when Americans are alone in a war, they never win, like the 1950-53 Korea war, the Vietnam war in 1945 and 1965 (the U.S. lost the war in Vietnam two times), Afghanistan in 1979, Yemen in 2014 and Syria in 2011. 

So who are the real brave saviors then? 

Today the Islamic Revolution Guards Corp (called Sepah-e Pasdaran-e Enqelab-e Eslami in Persian) is the real brave savior and protector of Iran. Among its special unit of NEDSA, also known as the Sepah Navy Special Force (SNSF), is the Takavar unit of the IRGC Navy stationed in one of the Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf. 

The unit has Delta forces, frogmen and snipers, guerrilla CQC (close quarter combat), ground-amphibious warfare in environments like jungles, urban areas, arctic, mountain, deserts and naval boarding. 

SNSF is primarily tasked with capturing or if necessary, eliminating high-level targets, or gathering intelligence behind enemy lines for future military actions and anti-sabotage operations. It also works as rescue force to free the hostages too. 

So, in Iran, there is the possibility of working in the Navy as a permanent job after 2 years of military service. Working as a Special Forces soldier is also an option. 

To become a member of the Special Forces, any soldier must undergo and pass a really hard training test. 

Only ten percent of the Iranian soldiers are successful in becoming a member of the Sepah Navy Special Force. 

This elite force of the Iranian Navy is specialized in parachuting, diving, martial arts, explosives, and weapons, using vehicles like tanks, helicopters, speed boats - combat rubber raiding craft (inflatable boat), water scooters, motorcycles, off-road cars, and many other tactical military vehicles. As we noticed last year in the Strait of Hormuz, where the Sepah Navy Special Forces intercepted a British oil tanker. These Iranian Green Beret marines are always deployed to the front lines, ready to defend Iran and to prevent any threats from outside. Comparing them with [U.S.] Navy Seals, certainly, there is no chance for the Americans - mostly drunk or drug addicts - to win a probable confrontation with Iranian Special Forces. The Iranians SNSF forces are much more professional and better educated to fight. They don’t drink, and they do their duty with honor to protect their nation at any cost.  

Before getting accepted, the candidate must pass many mental and physical tests. 

They have high-tech weaponry and strong transportation equipment at their disposal. 

The team is mainly composed by snipers, paramedics, scout, stormtroopers, explorers, destroyers, technicians in transmissions, pilots, and several marine professional divers.

The Iranian Navy supports the SNSF ops through the ship, aircraft carrier, and submarine.

SNSF forces are expert in HALO jumping or High Altitude-Low Opening military parachuting. It’s a military technique to avoid radar detection to infiltrate troopers inside the enemy territory using a little oxygen tank. 

Halo parachuting has an additional risk: if the parachute fails to deploy or ropes become tangled, there is less time to resort to the reserve (back-up parachute) or untangle the ropes. 

Halo and Underwater ops might cause decompression collateral effects, so the training is really very important. That’s the significance of SNSF.

The Sepah Navy Special Force logo is made by a parachute, wings, rifle in a raised fist, Quran, 2 arrows, anchor, and a globe with their text - name.

I wish an Iranian film producer, writer or director would produce a movie about the Sepah Navy Special Force soon because it is truly important to keep the work of these patriots alive; patriots who are risking their lives every day to protect Iran and Iranians from the enemies of the state.