Archaeological hill Khargush-Tappeh demarcated

July 31, 2020 - 21:30

TEHRAN – A team of Iranian archaeologists and experts has recently finished a demarcation project on Khargush-Tappeh in northern part of the country in a bid to safeguard the significant archaeological hill.

Iranian archaeologist Seyyed Meqdad Mirmousavi, who led the project, said Khargush-Tappeh is one of the top archaeological hills that have been found in northern Iran, adding that the site was subject to an archaeological survey led by French mining engineer, geologist, and archaeologist Jean-Jacques de Morgan some 130 years ago, IRNA reported on Tuesday.

“15 trenches were dug during the demarcation project, nine of which are connected to the archaeological site itself, while six ones are connected with the adjoining areas to the site,” Mirmousavi noted.

The break in the chronology of the second millennium BC in northern Iran has always been a major problem for archaeologists. According to an Academic Survey published by Taylor & Francis, Ltd., a number of studies have been devoted to the widespread distribution of the pottery in north-western Iran as a sign of "considerable cultural uniformity". It seems that there are close affinities in material culture that exist between the data available from the sites in the north-east and those of the central regions of the Iranian Plateau.