Asne Seierstad “Two Sisters” comes to Iranian bookstores

August 1, 2020 - 18:48

TEHRAN – Norwegian bestselling author Asne Seierstad’s book “Two Sisters: A Father, His Daughters, and Their Journey into the Syrian Jihad” has been published in Persian in Tehran.

Elham Sadat Yasini is the translator of the book published by Ketabestan.

“Two Sisters” tells the unforgettable story of a family divided by faith. Sadiq and Sara, Somali immigrants raising a family in Norway, one day discover that their teenage daughters, Leila and Ayan, have vanished – and are enroute to Syria to aid the ISIS terrorists. Seierstad’s riveting account traces the sisters’ journey from secular, social democratic Norway to the frontlines of the war in Syria, and follows Sadiq’s harrowing attempt to find them.

Employing the same mastery of narrative suspense she brought to “The Bookseller of Kabul” and “One of Us”, Seierstad puts the problem of radicalization into painfully human terms, using instant messages and other primary sources to reconstruct a family’s crisis from the inside.

Eventually, she takes us into the hellscape of the Syrian civil war, as Sadiq risks his life in pursuit of his daughters, refusing to let them disappear into the maelstrom – even after they marry ISIS fighters.

“Two Sisters” is a relentless thriller and a feat of reporting with profound lessons about belief, extremism and the meaning of devotion.

Photo: Cover of the Persian translation of Norwegian bestselling author Asne Seierstad’s book “Two Sisters”.