1953 Citroen to go on show in Tehran 

August 22, 2020 - 20:32

TEHRAN – A 1953 Citroen, belonging to a Switzerland-based Iranian couple, is planned to go on display for the first time at the Sa’dabad Cultural-Historical Complex in northern Tehran.

The car has been registered as a historical and classic car in Switzerland and has been exhibited in several museums in this country. It has also participated in all major world classic rallies.

However, it was seized at Bazargan border customs to get a license plate, when it was brought to Iran by its owners to go on display for a short time in 2011.

After several years, when the owners could not clear the car through customs, it was to put on the auction according to the law.

Eventually, with the efforts of the office of the museums and historical properties at the tourism ministry in collaboration with the Touring and Automobile Club of Iran, the deserted car has recently been handed over to the tourism ministry.

Sprawled on about 110 hectares of a mountainside parkland, the Sa’dabad complex was once a royal summer residence during the Qajar era (1789–1925) and its subsequent Pahlavi epoch (1925–1979).