Meeting on “role of family in Iran” held in Japan

September 13, 2020 - 17:55

TEHRAN – Following a series of specialized meetings on various cultural issues relating to Iran, the office of the cultural attaché of the Iranian Embassy in Japan held a virtual meeting on “the role of the family in Iran.”

In the beginning, the program was attended by more than 70 Japanese enthusiasts.

The family has been of great importance in Iran both in the past and today and has always been preserved and protected due to its important role as an important social, educational, and training institution, Hossein Divsalar, the Iranian cultural attaché said.

A family is a place of living, growth, and development, life flows in the family, children grow and education is formed, and all human behaviors are directed to other members of the family.

Living with the family is living with kindness, compassion, sadness, and happiness, and in Iran, the connection of family members on the one hand, and families with each other, on the other hand, is considered very important, and undoubtedly the stronger the family is, the more prosperous and beautiful a society will be.

Toyoko Morita, professor at Kagoshima University, Iranologist, and professor of Persian Language and Literature, said that family protection law, especially for orphaned and neglected children and adolescents in Iran, cannot be found in countries in the Islamic world.

Iranian women are effective in all fields, including work, family, community, etc. They play important role in universities, higher education, politics, and social activities, and in this regard, Iran is like the developed countries in the world, she explained.

Earlier, the office of the cultural attaché had held other specialized meetings in this field, with the themes of “the position of the family in Islam and Shinto”, “contemporary Iran and the position of women”, “the position of women in Iran, yesterday, today, future”.