“Nanny Scheherazade in Wonderland” gives children lessons on peace, hope 

September 19, 2020 - 18:34

TEHRAN – Director Hooman Hosseinnejad is staging the children’s musical “Nanny Scheherazade in Wonderland” at Tehran’s Honar Hall to teach them lessons about peace and hope.

The play’s target audience is children above three, he said in a press release, however, he added that it is even appropriate for adults.

“The play intends to give good educational messages through the hero characters in the story and also wants to promote the good spirit of kindness and sympathy among children and takes them to a wonderland where they can listen to the stories,” he added.

“Messages of peace, life without war, sympathy, friendship, life without borders, book reading and hope for a better world are also given in this story while it tries to denounce violence, telling lies and insulting,” he added.

“The musical can communicate with families well. Families are tired of the current situation of the spread of the coronavirus, however, they want to spend an hour in an intimate atmosphere while observing health protocols and social distancing,” he explained.

“The hall can host audiences of 250, however, it can only host 100 individuals to observe social distancing. All members of the audience must be wearing a face mask and families can sit and watch the play without difficulty,” he said.

He added that the play is also available online for the interested applicants.

“The play says the world is beautiful with love and kindness. In the hearts of each legend there lies a truth. Several brave souls get united to save their world. We can be a hero in our lives, if we dare to try hard. Now, we can unite to become stronger. We can live on the planet where peace survives. We should try to live in the world without war,” he concluded.

Sanaz Samavati, Amir Zarivand, Nima Fazeli and Hooman Hosseinnejad are among the main actors of the play. 

Photo: Thespians perform “Nanny Scheherazade in Wonderland” by director Hooman Hosseinnejad.