Daily gasoline consumption at about 75m liters

September 27, 2020 - 15:47

TEHRAN – Average daily gasoline consumption in Iran has settled at about 75 million liters, a figure similar to the days before the outbreak of the coronavirus, the head of Iran Gas Station Owners Union told ILNA.

According to Homayoun Salehi, gasoline consumption is now at the same level as after the implementation of the rationing scheme and before the coronavirus outbreak, however at some points when new restrictions are imposed consumption falls again.

Salehi noted that before the implementation of the gasoline rationing system in November 2019, the average daily gasoline consumption was about 98 million liters, while after the rationing scheme the consumption fell about 30 percent to 75 million liters per day.

In late March, following the outbreak of the coronavirus and the imposition of restrictions and health protocols, gasoline consumption decreased yet another 60 percent to 42 million liters per day, he added.

In April and after the implication of more serious protocols, consumption declined even further, so that in some days of April, consumption fell to even 22 million liters per day, Salehi said.

As the coronavirus-related restrictions eased and people went back to their normal routines in July, average daily gasoline consumption once again rose back to 74 million liters.

Salehi also put the consumption of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in the country at 25 million cubic meters per day.

Iranian government imposed an intercity travel ban in late March to prevent further spread of the coronavirus during the New Year holidays.

Gasoline consumption in Iran was already following a downward trend since the implementation of a rationing plan by the government.

In mid-November 2019, the Iranian government started rationing of subsidized gasoline and increased fuel prices as part of a plan to reduce the energy subsides to use the revenue for supporting underprivileged families.