Films from Iran line up for Barcelona Asian Film Festival

October 5, 2020 - 18:30

TEHRAN – Twelve movies from Iranian filmmakers will be competing in the various sections of the Asian Film Festival Barcelona.

“African Violet” by Mona Zandi-Haqiqi, “My Second Year in College” by Rasul Sadrameli and “Repression” by Reza Guran have been selected to be screened in the Official Section of the festival, which will take place in the Spanish city from October 28 to November 8.

In the Discoveries Section, “Castle of Dreams” by Reza Mirkarimi, “Diapason” by Hamed Tehrani and “That Night’s Train” by Hamidreza Qotbi will go on screen.

“Castle of Dreams” has been screened at numerous international events across the world and won several honors. The movie won Mirkarimi the award for best director at the 56th edition of the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival while its star, Hamed Behdad, was picked as best actor at the Turkish event in November 2019. 

Director Sorush Sehat’s drama “Dance with Me” will be screened in the Special Section. The movie is about a group of friends who gather to celebrate Jahangir’s birthday, where he announces he is terminally ill. What begins as a celebration soon turns into a confrontation between the past and the present. At death’s door, Jahangir begins the journey towards reconciliation and forgiveness.

The Official Panorama Section will feature “Gholamreza Takhti” by Bahram Tavakkoli, “Labyrinth” by Amir-Hossein Torabi and “We Are All Together” by Kamal Tabrizi.

“Gholamreza Takhti” is the highlight of this section. In 1939, Gholamreza Takhti was living a life of poverty. In order to survive, he decided to devote himself to professional wrestling and soon after that he became an Olympic champion and the pride of the Iranians. However, his life took a sudden turn and made him hope for his own death.

“Sly” by Kamal Tabrizi and “Tsunami” by Milad Sadrameli will compete in the NETPAC Section.

Photo: “Dance with Me” by Sorush Sehat’s drama will be screened in the Special Section of the Asian Film Festival Barcelona.