Siami elected as head of Iran Athletics Federation

October 11, 2020 - 14:28

TEHRAN – Hashem Siami was elected as new president of the Islamic Republic of Iran Athletics Federation (IRIAF) on Sunday.

In the presidential elections held at the Iran’s Academy Olympic, Siami was elected for a four-year term till 2024. The elections went to a second round of voting and Siami was elected as the president with 24 votes out of 43 votes.

Ayoub Behtaj finished in second place with 17 votes. There were two invalid votes.

“Iran’s athletic needs help and we all must help the federation solve the problems. We must help each other because I can't really do anything alone. All of us must do more to support the federation,” Siami said after being elected as head of the IRIAF.