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“Our City” media festival calls for works

November 4, 2020 - 15:23

The first edition of media festival of “Our City” has called on participants to submit their works for the event, scheduled to take place this fall.

The event, which is held by the Qom Municipality) divided into several parts including text-based products, visual products and scientific papers.

The media festival offers the following topics:

Call for Papers

The First Edition of Media Festival of “Our City”

Festival sections:

The main section:

1. Text-based products:

 News / Report / Interview / Headline / Essay and Analysis

2. Visual productions:

 Photo / Photo album / Cartoon / Poster

3. Video-content and audio productions:

 News report / Documentary / Short film and Clip / Motion graphics and Animation / Podcast

4. Scientific productions

 Academic Articles / Academic Thesis

Special section

 Urban media in cyberspace:

Special productions of social networks & domestic & foreign messengers

Festival Awards

Special jury award for selected works in

 Specialized topics: 50 million Rials

 Special topics: 30 million Rials

Specialized topics

1. Islamic governance and management in the city

 Coordinated and integrated urban management

 Islamic Council of the city

 Resistance economics in urban management

2. Identity and body of the city

 Detailed plan & urban development

 Recreation & centrality of the holy shrine

Urban landscape & Islamic-Iranian architecture

The city throughout history

‌Brand & urban symbols of Qom

3. Main programs for improvement of life quality

 Vision document 1414

 Development of knowledge and skills in urban management

 Development of tourism and pilgrimage

4. Construction & Growth

civil projects

 Urban infrastructure plans

5. Traffic & transportation

 Public transportation

 Clean & human-centered transportation

 City thoroughfares

6. Urban environment & quantitative & qualitative development of green spaces

 Waste Management

 Environmental pollutions

 Urban safety & resilience

 Organizing urban jobs

7. Smart city

 Communication infrastructures

 Electronic services

 Smart citizen

Creative City

 General topics

General Topics

1. Values in the field of urban management

 Mahdism & the city of waiting

 Islamic-Iranian & revolutionary identity of Qom city

 Sacrifice & martyrdom

City jurisprudence & urban management jurisprudence

2. city & citizens’ lifestyles

Citizen engagements

 Ethics & culture of citizenship

Citizenship in urban management

Social vitality / healthy recreations

3. World City

 Urban diplomacy

 International religious, scientific & cultural discourse

Special topics:

1. Day of Qom

The religious status & identity of the city

Introducing the obvious & hidden capacities of Qom

2. Silent aspects of urban management in public opinion

3. Coronavirus in the city

 City situation, performance & urban management measures in coronavirus crisis

 Media subjects & ideas in controlling and preventing coronavirus outbreaks

–  Deadline for submitting works:  July 22-November 20

–  Festival Secretariat Address: Qom, Imam Musa Sadr Blvd., Qom Municipality, 6th floor

–  E-Mail:

–  For more information please contact: +98 2536104730

–  Festival Web Address: