“Better than Neil Armstrong” wins awards at Via dei Corti festival 

January 5, 2021 - 18:8

TEHRAN – Iranian director Alireza Qasemi has won the award for best director for his acclaimed movie “Better than Neil Armstrong” at the Via dei Corti Independent Short Film Festival in the Italian city of Catania.

The film also won the award for best photography, which has been done by Sorush Alizadeh, the organizers announced on Tuesday.

“Better than Neil Armstrong” is about four kids who start their journey to the Moon with the mission of finding a mysterious place called “Redland”, but the gates of the place are being guarded by a mischievous snake.

The sci-fi movie brought Qasemi the Best Live Action Short Film Director’s Award at the 18th Pune International Film Festival in India during January 2020.

The movie also received the awards for best film and best drama at the Southport International Short Film Festival in England in June 2020.

The Via dei Corti also honored the Italian screenwriter and director of “The Allied” with the award for best screenplay.

The award for best composer went to Jaime Gutierrez for “Memories” by Jose Vega from Spain. 

Riccardo De Filippis for his role in “Matilde’s First Day” and Vinicio Marchioni for his role in “The Game” shared the award for best actor.

Ester Pantano for her role in “The Ally” and Svetlana Barandich for her role in “Anna” won the award for best actress.

Photo: “Better than Neil Armstrong” by Iranian director Alireza Qasemi.