Iranian, Turkish media officials meet in Ankara 

February 2, 2021 - 19:38

TEHRAN – Iran’s Deputy Culture Minister for Press Affairs Mohammad Khodadi met with Turkish Presidency’s Deputy Director of Communication Çagatay Özdemir in his recent visit to Turkey.

Plans to expand cultural relations were discussed during the meeting, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance announced on Tuesday.

Khodadi proposed holding a media conference in Iran or Turkey with the regional countries in attendance to reinforce bilateral ties.

“We need to save and protect the strong relations that our ancestors have made before us. The cultural and historical commonalities of Iran and Turkey are far more than the commonalities with other countries,” he said.

He said that the two countries enjoy brotherly relations, adding, “Two brothers might have differences in thoughts and ideas, but they are still brothers and this goes back to their historical and cultural commonalities.”

He emphasized that the meetings helped the two countries reflect news far from any negative currents made by Arabic media.

He also noted that the Persian departments of the Turkish media and the Turkish departments of the Persian media are both active helping to promote the news of both countries.
He said that the two countries need to have direct relations to help prevent any possible misunderstandings.

For his part, Özdemir also noted that many media tensions between the two countries are rooted in western media.

He emphasized joint collaborations and keeping more in touch with the media to help decrease the tensions and misunderstandings. 

Photo: Iranian cultural delegation (R) holds a meeting with Turkish Presidency’s Deputy Director of Communication Çagatay Özdemir in Ankara on January 28, 2021. (Directorate of Communication)