“Seven Years Minus Ten Days” runner-up at Hollywood Silver Screen Festival

May 7, 2021 - 18:35

TEHRAN – Iranian short drama “Seven Years Minus Ten Days” has won second prize at the Hollywood Silver Screen Festival in Los Angeles.

Directed by Hamid Nuri, the film is about an Iranian mother who is prevented from seeing her son despite her custody rights. According to Iranian law, custody of children automatically goes to the father when they turn 7 years old. Her ex-husband makes sure that she does not get to see the child even though the child is not yet 7 but he doesn’t care enough about the child, leaving the child exposed to abuse.

The Hollywood Silver Screen Festival 2021 organized a special program to bring public awareness on parental alienation, the organizers have announced.

“Parental alienation is what happens when a parent (or someone) maliciously brainwashes, influences and/or manipulates a child against the other parent, often in a bitter separation or divorce, in an effort to destroy the sacred parent-child relationship. It is a covert form of child abuse and domestic violence,” they said.

“Parental alienation is often misunderstood as a high conflict custody battle caused by both parents but in reality, only one high conflict individual is the cause. Parental alienation leaves devastating consequences in the alienated children and parents.”

“Heaven Beneath My Feet”, a co-production between Lebanon and France by Sandra Madi, won first prize.

The feature-length documentary recounts true stories of three Lebanese mothers’ struggle to preserve their rights to have custody of their children. The children have been kept and alienated from their mothers by the fathers. The system has failed and played the key enabling role in alienation.

“Waiting for Nico” directed by Octavio Maya Rocha from Montenegro took third place.

The short documentary is about a loving father’s longing for his son whom he has not seen for 7 years since the marriage breakdown. The father joins other parents in a movement to bring awareness and fight against the broken family court system.

“The Dead Flowers of Spring” directed by Pol Sanchez Mas and “As Long as the Heart Beats” directed by Przemyslaw Kopacz won honorable mentions.

Photo: A poster for the Iranian short drama “Seven Years Minus Ten Days”.