170 idle industrial units revived in Tehran province in a year

May 23, 2021 - 10:58

TEHRAN- A provincial official announced that 170 idle industrial units were revived in Tehran province in the past Iranian calendar year (ended on March 20).

Yadollah Sadeqi, the head of Tehran province’s Industry, Mining, and Trade Department, said that last year, 170 stagnant industrial units returned to the production circuit following the efforts of the taskforces to facilitate production condition and remove related barriers.

He said that 220 meetings of the taskforce for facilitating the production condition and removing related barriers were held last year, which addressed the problems of 1,200 industrial units.

He also said that due to the difficult economic conditions created by the sanctions and the spread of the coronavirus, some production units, especially small industries, have been damaged, and promised that with the serious determination of officials and executive bodies, these problems will be solved.

As announced by Deputy Industry, Mining, and Trade Minister Mehdi Sadeqi Niaraki, 1,500 idle industrial units have been revived in the country during the past year.

According to Niaraki, over 6,500 new industrial units were also established across the country during the mentioned year which created jobs for over 121,000 people.

Touching upon the Industry Ministry’s plans for the realization of the motto of the current year which is named the year of “Production: support and the elimination of obstacles” by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, the official said: “In the year that has been dedicated to the production sector by the Leader of the revolution, the orientation of all government organizations and executive bodies should be towards supporting the country’s industrial and mining units.”

Niaraki pointed to a 40-percent increase in the issuance of establishment licenses for industrial units in the previous year, saying: “The number of establishment licenses increased to more than 36,000 last year, which shows that people are encouraged to invest in the productive sectors.”

He also mentioned an 85-percent rise in the allocation of land for establishing industrial units across the country and noted that over 4,500 hectares of land were handed over to applicants in the previous calendar year.

According to the official, there are over 46,000 small and medium-sized industrial units in Iran’s industrial parks and zones, of them about 9,200 units are inactive.

Iran’s industrial parks play a significant role in making the country independent through boosting production, which is a major strategy of Iran to combat the U.S. sanctions.

In fact, strengthening domestic production to achieve self-reliance is the most important program that Iran is following up in its industry sector in a bid to nullify the effects of the U.S. sanctions on its economy.