Artists from Iran, Turkey, Nigeria, Mexico to join together at “Polychromatic” in London 

June 27, 2021 - 18:43

TEHRAN – Five artists from Iran, Turkey, Nigeria and Mexico will showcase their latest works in an exhibition entitled “Polychromatic” at the Daniel Raphael Gallery in London next week.

Curated by Tima Jam, the month-long exhibition opens on July 1 exhibiting works by Salman Khoshru and Milad Musavi from Iran, Mustafa Horasan from Turkey, Olamide Ogunade Olisco from Nigeria and Horacio Quiroz from Mexico.

In an Instagram post, the gallery said, “Each artist explores notions of identity and the self through their own inventive use of color.

“The concept of identity and perception of the self is perhaps now more pertinent than ever. 

“Throughout art history, color has been used in artworks to help create a sense of identity, by conveying intangible concepts such as emotions, dreams and mental states. 

“Drawing on the theoretical framework of surrealism and seminal psychoanalytic studies, this exhibition aims to engage viewers with the subconscious perceptions of the self through artworks that utilize color to reveal emotion and expressivity.”

In his collection of deformed portraits, Khoshru has featured very emotional expressions, while Musavi mixes some media such as cinema and animation to showcase the subject of identity in his artworks.

Horasan’s artworks provide a deep insight into the issues concerning capitalism, social media and global economic inequality.

The artworks by Ogunade Olisco and Quiroz also represent the concept of indemnity in Africa and Latin America.

All the artists have organized many exhibitions in their homelands and prestigious art centers across the world.

Founded in 2016 by Daniel Levy, the Daniel Raphael Gallery is dedicated to emerging contemporary art. 

By its exhibitions, the gallery intends to be interactive, thought-provoking and original. 

The gallery has said that it aims to act as a platform for an international range of emerging and mid-career artists to establish themselves in the art world. 

Photo: A portrait by Iranian artist Salman Khoshru.